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HPS-1a Gamma Hybrid
Communications Power Supply
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The HPS-1a has been discontinued. Development is continuing on a new and
improved power supply design that will be available in the 4th quarter of 2020.

The HPS-1a is a very small, light weight (only 1.25 lbs), power supply that is most useful for hams who take their transceivers when traveling. It is capable of operating most 12 Volt, 100 Watt transceivers in normal voice SSB or Morse CW modes. It would make a great power supply for DXpeditions. It is especially useful when used with smaller transceivers. It is much smaller than the Icom IC-706, IC-7000, FT-100D, etc.

For complete details, please see the HPS-1a Hybrid Communications Power Supply page.

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